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Birth Card Tarot

Have you ever heard of birth card tarot? It’s similar to numerology, because you use a person’s birth date, including the year, to factor down to two numbers, which then relate to the corresponding numbers of the Major Arcana. The results are amazing. What can the birth cards tell you? I’ll use myself as an […]

tarot reversal

Tarot Reversals

Tarot reversals have never felt right on an intuitive level. When shuffling the Rider Waite Tarot deck, if the upside down card appears, I simply note that a little more care is needed in the message of that card – which is dependent on the surrounding cards. Many readers feel this way, but many do […]

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Clairsentient -Developing Your Gift

An attempt to demystify characteristics of people with clairsentient and empathic abilities to help determine if you have these psychic gifts. There are several types of psychic abilities that range from actually seeing spirits to simply receiving inaudible messages in your mind. The latter is better explained by understanding that some people sense energy. As […]