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Certified as a Kundalini Reiki Master as originally channeled by Ole’ Gabrielsen from Lord Kuthami.

I have also studied Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. You can view some amazing videos on YouTube.com. Just enter Donna Eden in the search bar. 

Recently, I’ve been studying Quantum Touch Energy Healing by Tyler Odysseus. This is an amazingly simple technique that rid my wrist of arthritic pain in 30 seconds. Look for his videos and workshops on YouTube.com.

Religious beliefs

I am no longer a religious person in the traditional sense, as I do not worship any deity. Any god or goddess who would demand worship in order to be “saved,” is not worthy to be worshipped. However, I have no judgements against those who think otherwise. I honor the free will of others just as I cherish it for myself.

I tend to enjoy the practice of assigning gods and goddesses to different aspects of the forces of nature. Mind you, I did not assign them; that was done in ancient times. 

Hekate marble statuette
Hekate: Roman, 1st – 2nd century AD

I prefer working with the Goddess Hekate – Queen of Heaven, Earth,  and the Underworld, Goddess of Magick, Keeper of the Keys, Torch-bearer, Guide, Protector, Goddess of Witchcraft, Patroness of Witches, Goddess of the Triple Crossroads, the moon, the night, darkness, the poor, the desolate, the rejected, the dead, mysteries, and in my experience – Queen of Coincidences. 

Hekate is considered the Guardian of the Marginalized, and as such, she has become an important aspect of my life.

Just as all of her admirers, I am committed to making the world a better place – not only for myself, but for my loved ones, the vulnerable., and those that have no voice.

Modern Hekatean Witchcraft is an emerging movement characterized sacred spaceby devotion to Hekate, practicing witchcraft and a commitment to personal development. 

Reference: Keeping Her Keys (Patheos.com)

I am also a believer in Chaos Magick, meaning that I believe that anything is capable of being manifested, manipulated or changed, simply by the power of will and intent.

Everything is energy. 

The degree to which one can manifest or change things is wholly dependent on one’s degree of intention.

Intent is fueled by passion. Desperation, frustration, and anger are all powerful and passionate fuels by which one can nurture intent. I also believe that the best intentions are always founded in love. 

Reference: What is Chaos Magic?





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