Astrological Revelations on Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren has proven herself to be a voice and a senator to be listened to.

Alyssa Landers provided some interesting astrological revelations on Elizabeth Warren, her personality, her ambition, and her success before the 2020 election.

June 22, 1949 (Sign: Cancer ♋)
Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren

“Mercury symbolizes the mind, in terms of how we speak, write and our overall ability to process (and use) information. For instance, Mercury in Gemini often thinks quicker than it can speak, let alone write down, its thoughts—one of the reasons Mercury-Mars aspects (especially in Gemini) often come across as “frustrated” in temperament.”

I particularly identified with Mercury and Gemini causing us to think quicker than we can speak or even write down our thoughts.

Being a Gemini, whose planet is Mercury, I have personally experienced this as an accurate and frequent condition. It’s actually one of the reasons I find myself not being able to post as often as I would like on my blog. I have many ideas but they come and go so quickly that I have trouble getting them down on paper or even recording them by voice, which is what I am doing today because I decided it is time to do something about this issue.

That’s just one of the personality traits predicted by astrological charts. If you’re a fan, or even if you’re not, you will surely enjoy this profile of astrological revelations on Elizabeth Warren.

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