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Birth Card Tarot

Have you ever heard of birth card tarot?

It’s similar to numerology, because you use a person’s birth date, including the year, to factor down to two numbers, which then relate to the corresponding numbers of the Major Arcana.

The results are amazing.

What can the birth cards tell you? I’ll use myself as an example.

My birth cards are 16 – The Tower, and 7 – The Chariot.

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The Tower & The Chariot

The Tower

The Tower symbolizes a life pattern of crumbling foundations, which leads to the inevitable destruction of what I was attempting to build.

This is spot on. I’ve had to abandon everything I owned and start over from scratch several times in my life. Three times specifically, when I literally lost everything except what could be carried in my car.

How does knowing this help?

Learning that this is simply a part of my journey, releases me from any self-imposed and unwarranted guilt I have felt for allowing it to happen. I’m not claiming that I have not made mistakes, that’s part of life. I’m simply learning that some things are just going to happen. Understanding the patterns can help one navigate through the storm.

The Chariot

Then there’s the good news – The Chariot. I am the driver and I must hold tight to the reigns and keep things on course. Now we all know that sometimes even the best intentioned driver has accidents, but the Chariot indicates that I am capable of maintaining control no matter what.

Starting over is part of that control. Staying strong and on course, regardless of what happens is the thing to do. Of course we can’t always stay in the middle of the lane. Nor can we always stay in the gray areas. There are good times as well as bad. Balance is the key.

The solution is to control our reactions and our emotions to uncontrollable events. Losing control of our emotions and reacting with despair, anger, depression, or remorse, is what gives power to destruction.

On the Bright Side

Once something is destroyed there is a clean slate to begin again . Having this insight and awareness of my journey, allows me to make better decisions for my future, and gives me hope.

One might assume that any of the cards can be applied to a person’s life. I agree. However, the birth cards give a more personal and relevant picture of patterns and insights.

See my post on Bibliomancy for further explanation.

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