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The New Moon

The new moon always occurs in the corresponding sun sign. The current new moon, May 25, 2017, is in Gemini. Witchipedia offers an explanatory page regarding the new moon, suitable for printing to include in your own Book of Shadows at It also includes the 2017 dates of the new moons and their corresponding […]

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Goddess Arianrhod

Goddess Arianrhod is known as the Celtic Star and Moon Goddess of the Silver Wheel. Arianrhod is also the Goddess of justice, magick, childbirth, and the night, The Silver Wheel (moon) represents time and the wheel with which she carries deceased souls (on the spokes) to the land of the dead, where they wait to […]


Luna in Capricorn

I try to keep up with the movements of the constellations even though I don’t understand them fully. One of my favorite articles this week declares Luna in Capricorn means that we need to buckle down and focus on our “responsibility, hard work and self-discipline.” My favorite line from the article on the Moon in […]


The Moon in Libra

The moon in Libra brings forth a wonderful time for making new friends, being sociable and attending celebrations. So start planning that impromptu lunch with friends, a romantic evening or even a spur of the moment business meeting. Keep in mind at business meetings, that it is not a particularly good time for decision making […]

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Moon In Aquarius

The lovely moon is in Aquarius today, and I have felt the need to read, study and learn. With the moon in Aquarius, many of us will find that we are becoming bored with our work, so what better time to spark new interests by learning new things. Learning the latest news or breakthroughs regarding […]