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Clairsentient -Developing Your Gift

An attempt to demystify characteristics of people with clairsentient and empathic abilities to help determine if you have these psychic gifts.

There are several types of psychic abilities that range from actually seeing spirits to simply receiving inaudible messages in your mind.

The latter is better explained by understanding that some people sense energy. As they sense the energy of spirit, they also pick up on emotions, feelings, thoughts, and even messages.

This ability is known as clairsentience.

The problem with this ability is that some people suffer from it, because they do not know they possess this gift.

It happens to be my strongest gift, and so we begin…

Are you clairsentient?  

Clairsentient traits are a bit similar to the traits of an Empath.

To be clear – not all clairsentients are empaths.

From a psychological point of view, empaths are more likely labeled as a “highly sensitive person.” The actual scientific term is “sensory processing sensitivity” (SPS).

Considering myself an intelligent person, it used to infuriate me when people I hardly knew would tell me that I was just too emotional. I also found it humiliating.

Interestingly, we do tend to get emotional and perhaps overly engaged when it comes to righting an injustice to someone we love, or defending an issue we are passionate about.

Likewise, we also are more empathetic to the suffering and injustices in this world.

Unfortunately, there are times when it is simpler to be alone.

The energies of a room full of people feels more like chaos to an HSP.

In order to manage these particular gifts, one must learn to disconnect when in an overwhelming situation. Sometimes this can be done mentally, but it takes practice. More often than not, one needs to remove themselves from the situation and reclaim their inner peace.

The most valuable of all tools for the HSP is meditation.

Become aware of your self, of this moment, and of your intention. Nothing else matters right now, and all we ever have is “right now.”

Developing Your Gift

Instead of being ruled by your emotions, start paying attention to when a change in mood occurs.

Are you suddenly feeling sad, or irritable? 

Do you know why you’re having these feelings?

Did something happen to cause you to feel this way?

If not…

  • When did that change in emotions begin?
  • Were you around other people?
  • Who were they?
  • Can you sense if you “picked up” a feeling or an emotion from one of them?
  • Try to isolate the person and practice trying to “feel” why they were experiencing the emotion you felt.

If you were alone…

It’s possible you are experiencing spirit activity.

Next time it happens, try to tune in to whatever thoughts are entering your mind.

If you are able to accept the emotions, you can learn to accept the thoughts as well.

Ask questions – out loud – while you are experiencing the new emotions.

Try to allow the answers to simply come to you.

Don’t forget to continue with your meditation practice.

Clairsentient - First steps - Meditation



Further reading on the topic of clairsentience.

“The main difference between an empath and clairsentient is that an empath generally only feels the emotions and energy of the people and the environment around them, whereby a clairsentient will have a good sense of what someone is thinking…”

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