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Creating Your Sacred Space at Home

I just read an excellent article on creating your sacred space at home. I agreed with it wholeheartedly, except for item: tip number 4 did not apply to me. It may not apply to others as well.

Here’s why:

As I created my sacred space for the very first time, which I now change and adapt as needed, I immediately knew what symbols and items I needed to place there. I just knew intuitively. I was drawn to items that have held meaning for me throughout my life.

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As you read articles about creating sacred spaces, meditation, healing or energy, remember that these are written by people who assume you know nothing about such things.

Follow your intuition

Even if that is true; even if it’s your first time creating your sacred space at home, you know what will make your space feel sacred. Sometimes when our spiritual eyes are opened, our minds begin to fill up with our own ideas of what to do; so do not be afraid to follow your internal guidance.

Your sacred space can be as simple or as elaborate as you feel it should be. You may find yourself changing or rearranging your space frequently. That’s okay.

Here is the excerpt from Number 4:

“Resist the temptation to ‘fill it up’ with stuff immediately. It’s important to keep the space clear and only bring things to it, that carry the energy that inspires you. You might have special things already that mean something to you – things you’ve found in nature perhaps during synchronistic moment. You might not have anything, it really doesn’t matter. As things come to you, lovingly arrange them in your space.”

I’ll be posting more tips and articles on creating your Sacred Space at home… so stay tuned!

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