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Energy Healing Group for Everyone

I have always been an energy healer, before I even understood what was happening. One of the poignant epiphanies of my life was when I discovered that healing energy was more powerful when I became an active conduit for the energy.

Funny thing is, I thought I WAS an active conduit all the time, and I was, but I wasn’t tuned in to my highest energy vibration – passion.

When I found myself seriously stirred up and  passionate about the problem, such as when my child was in pain, it was then that the healing energy flowed the fastest and was most successful.

There are always little secrets we need to discover about ourselves in order to continue along the path of energy healing, effectively manifesting our dreams, and developing our spiritual path.

My friend, Michael, has developed a healing modality according to his own epiphany, vision and guidance. It is known as “Receivings.”

He provides for all, a group on FaceBook where you can go to learn more, receive “receivings,” and share experiences.

It’s an energy healing group for everyone, regardless of any formal training or lack thereof.

It does not conflict with any existing religions, nor does it require any religious belief.

It’s about energy.

Check it out please. Not for me or even for Michael, but for yourself and all of us, so we can spread this energy far and wide to all who need it – and we all need it.

Read his story: Receivings started in a dream.Then in waking Visions…

Receivings with Michael FaceBook Group

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