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First Steps to Develop Your Psychic Ability

First step – Meditate.

Meditation is one of the first steps to develop your psychic ability.  meditate

I know. The word meditation and the practice of it, sounds daunting if you’ve never tried it.

But – meditation works.

There are many benefits associated with meditation.

  • Becoming more aware of the present moment
  • Becoming more aware of who you are – your inner self – which helps you connect to your higher self – which helps you develop your intuitive and psychic abilities.

LIkewise, there are also many health benefits, but we’ll just stick to the psychic and intuitive benefits of beginning meditation for now.

There are several YouTube videos offering tips and guided meditations.

One of the more popular meditation gurus is Jason Stephenson.

“Try some of Jason’s amazing meditation techniques. Allow this gentle Australian brain alchemist to dabble in your semi-conscious brain.”

– Russell Brand (Comedian/Activist)

Here’s the link to one of his videos:

Jason Stephenson’s Guided Meditation for Beginners

There are also several videos on developing your psychic powers.

Use this YouTube search link to see what’s available:

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