Free Birth Card Tarot Reading

I am pleased to be offering you a FREE Birth Card Tarot reading.

To learn more about Birth Cards, read my personal example describing how they work, and how they helped me on my journey.

I will include photos of the cards, so that you can have the opportunity to interpret them on your own. There can be more than one way to interpret anything, and meanings can change depending on the current situation.

However, I use my empathic intuition as a spiritual warrior, to hopefully help you discover some new and interesting insights into your life thus far, with the intention of helping you maneuver the future more appropriately.

image of tarot cards
The Tower & The Chariot

So what’s the catch?

I have 2 requests for offering the free birth card tarot reading…

  1. The first request is that you respond and let me know if it helped you. I would love to hear how the birth cards resonate with you. You can you can post your review on my ThePsychicJourney FaceBook page.
  2. Like my Facebook page.

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I will need your date of birth, including the year, as well as your email address, or a link to your FB page if you would like for me to message you.

Likewise, you may simply comment on this post on my FaceBook page with your date of birth.

If you prefer email, or simply wish do not wish to post your birth date on FB, they use this form…

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