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Goddess Arianrhod

Goddess Arianrhod is known as the Celtic Star and Moon Goddess of the Silver Wheel.

Arianrhod is also the Goddess of justice, magick, childbirth, and the night,

The Silver Wheel (moon) represents time and the wheel with which she carries deceased souls (on the spokes) to the land of the dead, where they wait to reincarnate.

Arianrhod’s sacred bird is the owl, representing wisdom and her ability to see into the soul. The wolf is also associated with her.

She is considered a Mother Goddess, but she also has two shadow sides, the one by which some mothers smother their children metaphorically speaking, and the one that neglects, ignores or abandons her children.

I personally like the fact that she represents all three types of mothers, because each of us mothers, if we are honest with ourselves, has experienced a piece of those shadows at sometime during our lives, albeit temporarily.

When Arianrhod speaks to you delve into your own soul; seek the knowledge of past lives; release the past; allow rebirth and renewal to occur.  Be aware of the moon and the magic of her flowing changes. Open your heart to the infinite possibilities of the stars. Be in the open mind of the initiate who seeks truth of self and of others.

Feminism and Religion 

Art by Judith Shaw

Arianrhod, mistress of the lunar disc
Thou dwellst in Caer Arianrhod
High fruitful mother of all beings
Mighty keeper of the circling Silver Wheel
I watch the everlasting life bestowed by thee
I feel the everlasting life bestowed by thee
I live the everlasting life bestowed by thee
Thou keepst the wheel of life forever running
I look at thy shining appearance at full moon
Thou are my guiding mistress through the coming times.

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