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Is My Dream A Warning

One of the most frequently asked questions concerning dreams and nightmares is, “Is my dream a warning?”

While no one can know for sure if a dream is a warning or just your subconscious mind filtering through your deepest fears, there are ways you can analyze the dream.

Mothers tend to have warning dreams more than others. If you are a Mother and you have a bad dream about your child or children, then it is definitely possible that the dream is a warning. However, it could be filled with symbols regarding the life of your child, and not necessarily a dream that will come true physically or literally.

How can you know for sure if it is symbolic or literal?

Well, you can’t always know for sure.

You must learn to follow your intuition and learn from your own experiences with dreams.

If you are a person of faith and you have an alarming dream that wakens you in the middle of the night with terror, then my advice is to immediately start intervening for your child. Send them love and light and ask the angels or guides to protect them. Even if they are sound asleep in the next room, your prayers or intentions can be carried into the future to protect them.

The angels (guides or ancestral spirits) are with us daily. That is their job.

One night last year, my eldest daughter was out of state working, and in a motel room by herself. I had a dream that I and my deceased parents were trying to get to our own motel room, where both of my daughters were waiting. As we walked to the end of the corridor, we noticed a lot of loud male voices. As they came into view, we could tell that they were just hanging around, and they seemed startled to see us.

For some reason, I opened the very next room door and sent my parents inside and slammed the door loudly. Then I told them to stay put and that I would call them when I got inside the room where my daughters were.

When I re-entered the corridor the boys were walking away, looking back at me over their shoulder. I quickly walked to the room and went inside.

It was unlocked. My girls were sleeping. I called my parents and told them all was well.

I immediately knew that this particular dream was a warning. Any time both of my deceased parents are in my dreams, I know that they are sending me a message. The problem was that I didn’t know which daughter it was about, because my youngest was going on a trip in just two days.

I began praying for both of them immediately. I prayed that the angels would protect them and keep them from harm. I prayed that the boys hanging around looking for trouble would find something better to do that was nice and that they would stay out of trouble also. I thanked my parents for visiting me because I always love to see them, if only in a dream.

The next day, I spoke with my oldest daughter and found out that at the exact time I awoke from my dream, she was awakened in her motel room (on a business trip), by the sound of male voices and laughter. She decided to get up and make sure that she had locked the door, which is a good thing, because she had not locked it.

Yes. My dream was a warning of danger to my daughter.

Start to pay attention to your dreams and you may also begin to notice patterns and messages, such as the ones my beloved parents bring to me.

Meanwhile, feel free to send me your dream and I’ll do my best to interpret it for you.


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