Lavender Witch

I have always loved the fragrance of lavender and the color of the lavender leaves is heavenly. I keep lavender essential oil for its calming effects.

Lavender field in France

Did you know that you can rub a tiny amount of lavender oil down the bridge of your cat or dog to help them calm down? It works. I have used it on a dog who was terrified of thunder.

I was reading today about gray witches and wondered if there was such a thing as a lavender witch, because if there is, that is definitely me. I couldn’t fine any reference to the specific term “lavender witch,” but I did find that lavender is associated with witches as a witch’s herb.

I also discovered that it is associated with Hecate, my favorite patron goddess.

So, for now, I am dubbing myself the Lavender Witch.

I also found an interesting article on lavender and how to use it in spells and candle work.

Here is one excerpt, and the link to the article follows.

Casting a Spell to Attract Love 

For this love spell you will need:

* A Lavender Candle
* A Small Mirror
* A Red Makeup Pencil
* A Pink Pen
* A Pink Piece of Paper
* A Sprig of Lavender

1. Sit in a quiet place and imagine your ideal partner, then rub the paper with the lavender flowers.

2. Hold the candle in your right hand and visualize your ideal lover. Imagine what qualities you would like them to possess. Make sure you don’t picture a real person; concentrate instead on the aspects that are important to you (for example, “he must share my passion for dancing”).

3. Light your candle while saying, “Hecate, queen of enchantment, I ask for my soul mate to join me. Blessed Be”.

4. Draw a heart with the makeup pencil around your reflected face in the mirror. Say, “I am in love.”

5. Write a letter to your soul mate, explaining what kind of relationship you would like to have with him. Burn it in the candle flame and say, “I send you this letter, my true love. May you come to me swiftly.”

6. Carry the lavender sprig in your pocket until you meet your lover- it may well happen soon!

Read the full article about lavender at Astarte Moonsilver’s online Book of Shadows. 

If you take one thing away from this post, let it be to pay attention to coincidences in  your life whether they be events, literal spoken words that you hear to confirm something, or things you stumble upon that relate to a question or wish. Listen to your intuition. 

It’s all part of the magick of being a witch. 

Blessed be and may you have lavender luck and lavender dreams. 

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