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Let go of everything but love for your pack

I am discovering a new sense of peace, joy and contentment flooding my life these days.

It is a wonderful feeling that, in the past, has eluded me more than it has befriended me. Naturally, I am quite pleased that peace has decided to stay a while.

Of course, we all know that peace is a visitor that we must learn to allow to sit with us. Learning to remain at peace can take a lifetime of practice unless we learn to be mindful of each sacred moment of life.

This moment, right now, is the only moment that needs my attention. If I focus on tomorrow with any anxiety or stress over what may or may not happen, then peace no longer abides with me.

I like peace. I want her to stay.

At 11:11 I began to draw a card from one my favorite oracle decks by Colette Baron-Reid, Wisdom of Avalon.

As soon as I began to shuffle, two cards jumped out. I love it when that happens. It’s almost like my angel is saying…

“Finally! I’ve been wanting to talk to you!”

First, I drew the dog, that great and loyal friend to mankind. Dogs love to be in packs, and so do humans. Even though I enjoy being alone, I know my pack, and I love them dearly.

The second card was “Letting Go.” I seem to get this type of message frequently, which means I need to be reminded that I must leg go of what does not belong to me, and that includes people. I may have attachments to my children, but they are not mine to hold on to, to stifle or to smother with my advice. They are mine to enjoy, to love and be loved in return, and they are my legacy to the world.

They are also my pack. 

These two cards together remind me that letting go does not mean that I lose them. They are now and will forever be a part of me, and I a part of them. Nothing can change that.

If we find ourselves holding onto the apron strings a little too tightly, or if we find ourselves offering unsolicited advice, or commenting when no words are needed, we should think of these cards.

Let go of control, judgments, expectations and opinions.

Let go of everything but love for your pack.

Be loyal.

Be true.

Be love.

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