Make Life Better

Regardless of the philosophical thoughts or scientific meanderings regarding time, we all know one thing for sure – we don’t seem to have enough of it – and it passes quickly.

So I’ve decided to write down one thing I will do each day to make life better. As a matter of fact, that is what I will write – MAKE LIFE BETTER.

If I can just remember to make life better then the opportunities to do so will come my way.

Perhaps it will be offering an ear to someone who is troubled, giving an encouraging word, or giving money to the homeless man that stands near the freeway every morning.

Perhaps it will be taking a step to improve my own life by reading from a sacred text, a beloved philosopher, or some wise words from someone new.

I wrote this poem in the graphic this morning – actually the wee hours of the morning – which then inspired me to use the Make Life Better mantra every day.

Love and light to you all.

PS: The rose image came from an artist on Deviant Art.

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