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Modern Day Witchcraft

Modern day witchcraft asserts that “anyone with a belief in the power of nature can draw on that power to weave spells that bring good into a life, be it the spell caster’s or someone else’s”. (All quotes will be from “Ultimate Encyclopedia of Spells” by Michael Johnstone. 2004.)

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Modern day witches are more in tune with nature than the average person. The energies that change the seasons, power the moon, the sun and the stars, are some of the energies drawn upon for spells and indeed, for everyday living, which requires a touch of magic on its own.

The spirits of the elements are also invoked:
Fire, Earth, Air, Water.

Some call upon spirits of ancestors, and other energy beings when doing spellwork.

The reality is that witches empower their magick spells by summoning their own power and passion, and them combining that energy with the energies listed above to alter an event, create an opportunity, remove negativity, banish evil, create charms, heal, protect, and otherwise provide goodness to and for Gaia (the first Greek God/Goddess, the personification of Mother Earth / Mother Nature) and all her inhabitants.


After a spell weaving ceremony is over, the elements are thanked for giving their blessing and adding their power to the magic that has been made.

A bit of magic history:

Magic has no one homeland, but Ancient Egypt can be said to be its cradle.There it was believed that the sun god Ra died in the western sky every night to spend the hours of darkness in the underworld and to be magically reborn every morning in the eastern sky. 

Away from the world of fairy tales and wicked witches, modern magic and its spells have their roots in Celtic times – 700 BC–AD 100. The deeply spiritual Celts were artistic, musical, fine farmers and brave warriors, feared by their adversaries. 

As pantheists, they honoured the ‘Divine Creator of all Nature’ and worshipped the ‘One Creative Life Source’ in all its many aspects. They believed that after they died they went to ‘Summerland’ where they rested and awaited new birth on Earth.

Pagans believed in an entity called ‘The Great All’ who was formed of ‘The God’ and ‘The Goddess’. Sites dedicated to The Lord and The Lady were common, and when churches were built on these sites, they were often dedicated to The Virgin Mary and called ‘The Church of Our Lady’ – ‘Our Lady’ being another name for the Holy Virgin.

In simple ways like this, the old ways persisted.

Witches are growing in number

Today, many people are leaving what is classified as traditional religions and are seeking a more natural way to spiritually connect with all that is.

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Be assured that witches do not worship satan, nor do they acknowledge his existence.

Many if not most witches are accustomed to working with herbs, essential oils, crystals, candles, incense, water, and other items for healing, creating charms, and casting spells.

I highly recommend the book used as a reference for this article. Enter it in a search engine and you may be able to find it in a pdf file, free.

Blessed Be!


Johnstone, M. (2004). Ultimate encyclopedia of spells. Place of publication not identified: Diane Pub Co.

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