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Moment of Synchronicity

The past few hours have been amazing for me. The powers that be (or the powers in me?) have brought about quite a few slightly connected events, each one leading to a new A-ha moment, as well as a moment of synchronicity.

First, I stumbled onto a FB post about the Rolling Peace Prayer being led by Rev. Don over at the Witch School. I’ve been watching his videos for quite some time, but never really read much about the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca.

After joining the Rolling Peace Prayer, I discovered a couple of FB groups that piqued my interest, so I joined them. Through them, I ended up at the Witch School again and began reading.

I’ve been practicing Wicca solo for about 10 years, and have read about a few traditions, but none of them really fit my philosophy – until today. I discovered that I whole heartedly agree with the philosophy of the Correllian Nativist Tradition.

Finding your niche in a group as large as Wicca may seem easy for some, but it was not for me.

It’s good to feel at home.

I signed up for the school and started my first course. On one of the pages there was a link to a Rev. Don video on Chaos Magick. It was amazing. I totally got it and dubbed myself the Chaos Goddess! I take what works and leave the rest alone. I find diamonds in the chaos and then set them into my own little pattern.

So I’m enjoying all of this “learning” and the Law of Attraction definitely was in full swing and provided me with ample information to continue on my quest for knowledge.

Later, I was reading a post in one of my FB groups. Someone suggested that when we feel like time is going too fast, we stop and say something like “I am peace, I bring peace.”

Well Shazam!

Finding a jewel in the chaos of losing time, wasting time, anxiety over not having enough time – Chaos? Yeah!

Stop. Peace.

I always did this before using the words from the Bible, “Peace, be still.”

However, those words for me and me alone. I needed to be peace, find peace, have peace. Now, not only will I have peace, I will create peace, and send that peace energy out into the world, just as they are doing with the Rolling Peace Prayer. Perfect.

Another moment of synchronicity.

  • The muses and spirit guides are definitely with me today. 
  • Or maybe it’s the law of attraction. 
  • Or maybe I’m manifesting what I need with my own magick. 
  • God / Goddess / Source are all blessing me profoundly.

Do you ever have moments like these?

I have more events of this day to share, but that’s enough for one post.

Meanwhile, pay attention to life. See, hear, experience what is happening around you. Life is responding to you at all times.

By the way, if you have trouble being “aware” and “in the moment,” meditation can help with that. Meditating helps you develop that trait of awareness that is crucial to experiencing all that life has to offer you.

Become aware of each moment of synchronicity.


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