Our Memories Can Serve As Positive Affirmations

A good way to pull ourselves out of a sad fog, is to remember something that made us happy. Our memories can serve as positive affirmations.

Even though we may firmly believe in the universal law of attraction, we must  also remain acutely aware of how easy it is to slip into worry, hopelessness, and depression.

During such a time, I turned to my trusty Tarot and Oracle cards. The first one I drew was the TRUTH card from my favorite Psychic Tarot Deck – and well, it just

Psychic Tarot – John Holland

didn’t make total sense to me so I went to the next card in that pile and lo and behold it was LIGHT.

I had an epiphany. The light energy reminds us that we not only need to feed and fuel our minds with powerful, positive thoughts, but that we should also REMEMBER positive, happy times.

Our memories can serve as positive affirmations.

Immediately my mind drifted back to when I was a teenager and oblivious to the fact we were well off financially. Being blissfully ignorant of all material issues. I never needed anything, although I did desire many things – but my parents rarely provided any fluff. 

I never remember a bill not being paid or even a discussion about such things. If someone was sick, there was never a discussion about seeing a doctor. Mom just picked up the phone and made the appointment.

I believe that part of my problem with manifesting financial security is that I feel guilty about having had it so easy as a child. Indeed, my older siblings have reminded me more than once that I had an easy time of it compared to them. I was the youngest and they are right, my life was much easier.

My parents were also kind-hearted people who helped many relatives, even cousins. When I would hear about those financial problems that others were facing and then see my Father go handle the situation for them, I would feel sorry for them, but I also remember wondering what they were doing wrong, because they must be doing something wrong to be so poor. If they were “good” people then surely God would take care of them the way He took care of us.

BINGO! There’s the problem!! 

My subconscious absorbed the mistaken opinion that poor people deserve to be poor because of their bad choices, or their bad deeds. I formed this opinion very early on and it has been brewing on the back burner of my mind for many years, unnoticed, yet devouring all that positive energy I’ve been searching for.

Now I do not recall if anyone ever actually “said” that poor people deserve to be poor as some form of punishment or because of some life lesson that they need to learn, but I definitely had that mindset.

I do know that my parents never said anything like that. However, my young mind, seeking a logical (albeit religious) explanation, planted a seed that created a false belief that would have long-lasting effects.

It also planted the seed of judging others, which is certainly not a “fruit of the spirit.”

THE LIGHT IS NOW ON and that nasty pot of “poor people deserve to be poor” is finally off the burner and down the garbage disposal.

From this point on, I am choosing to remember being blissfully ignorant of money, so that I may attract that situation again, not just for myself, but for my family.

The LIGHT has illumined the past and although the past was not dark, the meaning and influences of past circumstances had been hidden from me for many years.

I choose to remember buying sheet music for playing the piano, going out to eat every Saturday night with my parents, and taking a vacation once a year without even thinking about the money. I also choose to remember that good feeling of helping others until I am able to help them financially out of my own abundance.


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