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The New Moon

The new moon always occurs in the corresponding sun sign. The current new moon, May 25, 2017, is in Gemini. Witchipedia offers an explanatory page regarding the new moon, suitable for printing to include in your own Book of Shadows at It also includes the 2017 dates of the new moons and their corresponding […]

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Imbolc Day

Today is Imbolc or Imbolg Day (pronouced I-molg with short i and silent b). This is the second Sabbat of the Wiccan year. Often it is celebrated on February 2nd, and is also known as Candlemas, as well as St. Bridid’s day. Imbolc is also known as the Feast of Bride, another name for the […]

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Caim is a Celtic Word

Caim Is a Celtic word describing an invisible circle you symbolically draw around yourself for immediate protection any time you feel attacked or threatened – physically, emotionally, verbally, spiritually, or otherwise. You can create your own sanctuary of protection in a matter of seconds. Simply draw an invisible circle around yourself using your right index […]


What is a Wooden Stang

What is a wooden stang? As I was reading through some prayers to deities today, I came across the term “wooden stang.” My first instinct was that it was a wand. I became frustrated when I discovered that no dictionaries could help me. Finally, I used the search term “witches wooden stang,” and found my […]

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Goddess Arianrhod

Goddess Arianrhod is known as the Celtic Star and Moon Goddess of the Silver Wheel. Arianrhod is also the Goddess of justice, magick, childbirth, and the night, The Silver Wheel (moon) represents time and the wheel with which she carries deceased souls (on the spokes) to the land of the dead, where they wait to […]


Timing in Tarot

Often, when people are seeking answers and guidance from Tarot, they also want to know the time frame around the situation. There are several methods used for timing in Tarot. As you read over a few of them, select the one that rings familiar to you. If it sounds too difficult to memorize, then it […]