Prayers Intentions Wishes and Spells

Prayers, intentions, wishes, and spells all have one thing in common – they send a request to the creative and life sustaining energies and powers of the universe. You may call these energies spirit guides, angels, guardians, elementals, gods and goddesses, the great spirit, or the source – it matters not. 
Archangel Michael
What matters is that you have noble intentions and that you call upon benevolent energies and powers, as opposed to the jealous, prankster, malevolent energies that lurk in the spirit world. 
People typically assume that they are automatically petitioning benevolent energies, even though they have not actually called upon anyone for their attention or their help. 
Remember: Just as there are good and evil beings in physical form, there are good and evil energies throughout the universe.
Make it a point, and a resolution, that you shall always and only seek the help and assistance of benevolent energies of the universe.

In this article, we are speaking specifically about positive supplications, not karmic or curse removing prayers or spells. 

Another explanation for negative outcomes may be that the querent does not seek the highest good of those involved. 
Why wouldn’t someone make a request for another’s highest good? 
I like to think that usually they don’t realize that what THEY want to see happen might not be for the highest good of  the other person. They think they know best and so they make requests based on their arrogance. Some even say “God” told them what someone needed, or what they needed to do, and so they see themselves as “doing God’s will.”
However, if the heart’s desire was not for the highest good of everyone concerned, then it had nothing to do with “God.”

Do not be deceived.

ALWAYS seek the highest good of the one for whom you make supplication.

Example and Lesson Learned

Last week, during the full moon (Friday, November 3, 2017), I requested that two of our cats (we have 4 indoor cats) who cause us so much chaos and work (because they’re sickly and wild) would become more enjoyable to the family as a whole, if it was intended for us to keep them.
My request was to Hecate, Greek Goddess of the moon, the night, magic, witchcraft, the crossroads, ghosts, the underworld, and creatures of the night. 
Triple Goddess
Within 48 hours of my petition to Hecate on the full moon, as well as to the universal energies that create and sustain all of life, the chaotic, destructive cat jumped onto my grandson’s lap and just sat there – calmly. Later she was cozying up to another family member, and then another, and then me.  
Lesson learned: When you are truly aligned with the highest good of all involved and seek nothing but the best of consequences, the benevolent universal forces will align with you, help you, and give you signs when requested. 

Examine Your Motives

If you are not receiving signs, results, or answers, perhaps you need to examine  your motives for your supplication, and recalibrate your response to the situation that troubles you. Perhaps your original reaction was tainted with somewhat selfish, ulterior motives. Or perhaps, you need to simplify the request. No elaborate explanations are needed, but heart-felt desires are welcomed.
Keep it simple, yet be specific.
Then, knowing that you are coming forth with a righteous request, with the best intentions, try your petition again.

Ask the right question.

One more thing, be careful how you ask. Consider all subsequent effects from your request being granted according to your specific conditions.
No conditions? 
Praying Buddha
That’s cool too, but be sure – especially if you ask for signs (and in my case, signs and wonders) from cats and you’re allergic to cats! 
Consider all outcomes before you make your petition. 
Writing them down sometimes helps. You can list the pros and cons of all possible outcomes of your request and then reconsider or reword – be specific for best results.
Ask the right question with noble intentions and include appropriate caveats.
Blessed Be.  💜🎵

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