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Remain True


Yesterday was one of those days where I was responding to some posts that I thought were unfair and prejudiced in their assumptions.

I offered my two cents worth.

It was not appreciated.

Even though I wrote carefully and tried to use logic and compassion in my comments, I was still bombarded with insults.

I began to wonder if I am speaking out too much. Maybe I should just go on about my business and ignore ignorance and intolerance.

I decided to consult my Wisdom Oracle cards for some insight.

I drew two cards: TRUTH was the first one.

Not only should I remain true to myself, but I should expect nothing less than truth from others. In order to remain true to myself, I cannot sit idly by and watch others condemn and judge without knowing all the facts. What is that saying… All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

MYSTERY was the second card.

This tells me that I must remain true to myself as I travel down this path, even though it is not always easy. While it may seem that I am confronting obstacles, they are just stepping stones that take me further towards my destiny.

I just had to share this today to show how the cards are always on target with their guidance.

May we all go forth in truth, even though the future is a sacred mystery unfolding at its own pace – in divine timing.

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