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Send Me Your Problems and Let Them Go

Why am I asking you to send me your problems and let them go?
Often, we tell someone about our problems and while we may feel a little better afterwards, it only last for a short time.
During meditation today, Spirit gave me this method of helping others to release

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stress, especially those who have trouble trusting the Universe for help.
As I implement this process, which is free, I am asking you to participate. Your problem doesn’t have to be a life altering event, although that’s okay too; it can be anything that nags at you, robbing you of your joy.
What we need to do is change our intention.
Instead of harboring our troubles in secrecy, we need to learn how to let them go. Letting go sounds hard. That’s why I believe it might help to intentionally send me your problem.
Type it up and send it in a comment below.
When you hit “send” or “submit,” know that you have given this problem to someone else and you need not stress over it any longer.

Here’s what will happen.

As problems come in, they will be received into a ball of healing energy. Later, they will be placed into a vortex of light, where they can be released into the healing energies of spirit guides, ancestors, and benevolent energies that wish to help solve our problems.
The healing energy ball is now open.

healing ball of energy
Each name and problem will be added to the ball and then placed into the vortex with total awareness and positive, healing intention.
I will go through this process daily.
Understanding and visualizing the process can help release the problems into the hands that can make positive changes.
Trust this energy from Source and release all thoughts of the problem at hand.
Stop dwelling and stressing over it.
Remind yourself that you are loved beyond measure and that all is well.
I will also pull a card for everyone who responds to hopefully explain, answer, or bring comfort and guidance to you.
So go ahead and give this a try.
Send Me Your Problems and Let Them Go!

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