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Time to Smudge

A beautiful new year has begun, so let us honor the old ways of our ancestors and prepare for the coming year by taking time to smudge our homes.

I usually use white sage, but I have used rosemary and pine when the mood strikes me.

Interestingly, recent research shows that herbs actually purify the air we breathe.

You can read more about that research here.

Smudging is simply the process of lighting a smudge stick and walking through your home while helping to waft the smoke throughout the house. Some people just place it in a smudge bowl and set it in the middle of the room.

I consider it a sacred ritual whereby I dispel negative energies and welcome positive energies into my home.

You can also use the smoke to smudge a car, an object or anything that may be absorbing or holding onto negative energy.

Grandmother Wapajea says, “The goal of smudging is to make a place clear of lingering energy that is different from what you may be intending for that space. You want to prepare the space for ceremony, the way you would clean your house, cook, and decorate when your family comes for a holiday. We are welcoming Great Spirit, angels, and ancestors to come and share clean space with us as well.”

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