What is a Wooden Stang

What is a wooden stang?

As I was reading through some prayers to deities today, I came across the term “wooden stang.”

My first instinct was that it was a wand. I became frustrated when I discovered that no dictionaries could help me.

Finally, I used the search term “witches wooden stang,” and found my definition for this magickal tool.

It is not a wand, as I first thought, but rather a staff. It is a forked staff, representing the axis upon which all things turn.

Holding your staff symbolically places you at the center of the universe.

As a staff, it is a symbol of stability – in the center of the universe. However, I have seen several pictures of home-made stangs that are definitely more in line with the dimensions of a wand.

It can be decorated to portray the different seasons, symbols or favorite things.

According to the book, “Feasting From the Black Cauldron, (*)” there are a couple of things to remember when making your stang (see chapter 11). “Your spirit must touch the spirit that dwells inside the tool.”

The tool should be decorated with items that portray the personality of the witch, such as portrayals of your spirit animal, and things that seem magickal for you.

The book also states, “When the staff is made correctly it becomes an astral double of the practitioner, similar to how the wand becomes an extension of the astral hand.”

*NOTE: The only place I have found access to the book mentioned above, is on Google. It allowed me to read several sections but strangely, the book does not exist in print at any store, not even eBay. I cannot even find it in digital format. If you find it, let me know.

Now I cannot wait to find a piece of wood that will be suitable for my stang.

Just came across this beautiful art by Mezamero at Deviant Art.
The Hermit, from Tarot.

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