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You Reap What You Sow

“Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Most of us are familiar with this phrase which is in the Bible. Most people assume that this phrase pertains to our deeds, which is true, but it is not the whole truth.

This universal law, “You Reap What You Sow,” is also true as it pertains to our thoughts and our dreams.

This is why positive thoughts are so important. This is why so many people are now using affirmation techniques to change their attitudes, because they now understand the impact of our thoughts upon our daily lives.

Grieving is a natural emotion and has its place in life. However, those who spend too much time grieving the loss of life or loss of relationships or even jobs, are wasting precious time that could be propelling them to new places of joy and abundance. If one is consumed by grief, anger or revenge, then there is no room for anything positive to exist. On a subconscious level, this can be paralleled to selling your soul to darkness. The saddest part is that as you do this, you are also dragging those whom you love down the same dark and depressing path.

I’ve been reading the book, “The Master Key System,” by Charles F. Haanel. This book is the original source of  “The Secret,” and was actually banned by the Church in 1933.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who seeks to realize the power of our thoughts, the power of the mind and the universal laws that are at play throughout the universe.

The following excerpt is just an example of how this little book can change your thinking and open up your mind to a paradigm that you may have thought was just wishful thinking.

Abundance, therefore, depends upon a recognition of the laws of Abundance, and the fact that Mind is not only the creator, but the only creator of all that is. Certainly nothing can be created, before we know that it can be created and then make the proper effort. There is no more Electricity in the world today than there was fifty years ago, but until someone recognized the law by which it could be made of service, we received no benefit; now that the law is understood, practically the whole world is lit by it. So with the law of Abundance; it is only those who recognize the law and place themselves in harmony with it, who share in its benefits.

This little gem of a book is available on Kindle, but you can also receive it in sections via email, to be studied and pondered a bit at a time. This service is provided freely by

Disclaimer: I have no connection with, nor do I stand to profit from the owners of the website offering this book by email. I am just providing a service that I deem to be beneficial to all.

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